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Urbi et Orbi

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Tatiana Sheremeteva Translation by Ulya Aligulova Three years ago, an event took place that significantly enriched the cultural world of modern New York. Tatyana Borodina, creator and editor-in-chief of Elegant New York magazine, presented a

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  “Dialogues of Imagination” Contemporary Art of Eastern Europe and the USA April 3rd - 9th, 2019 Opening reception - April 3rd, 6-8 PM The modern world, with its common information space, is becoming increasingly

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Evening Dress Code Interview with Olga Banartseva autor Anastasiia Solovei   They say, the world of fashion is cruel. And I say it is beautiful. And it is beautiful not only by the brilliance of the

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Facets of Talent Interview with Evgenia Pirshina. Autor Olga Slavnina. Russian version. Evgenia Pirshina, a soloist at the Chicago Opera Theater, owner of the beautiful contralto, will take part in the opening of the autumn