Tatiana Sheremeteva

Tatiana SHEREMETEVA, writer

Artist’s Statement: 

It’s better to fall down every once in a while than never fly at all. 


She is from Moscow. Graduated from Moscow Lomonosov University (MGU), Philological Department. Worked in India and Switzerland, thereafter in international corporate business as Marketing Director. For the last few years, she has been living in New York with her husband who works at the U.N.

She started writing for youth media outlets when she was still in high school. Her “mentor” in journalism was one of Russia’s “golden plumes” Yuri Schekochikhin, who signed off her very first article. She made a good start, but her further professional pursuits were completely unrelated to writing.

It was not until a few years ago that she made a fresh start as a writer. Her work immediately drew interest from readers and awards from the professional community. Since 2012 she has scored over 300 publications in literary magazines in the U.S. (in “Elegant New York”, “Slovo/Word”, “Chaika”, “Gostinnaya”, “Krugozor”, “Svyaz’ Vremyon” magazines and others) as well as in Russia, Germany, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

She has published three books – two of them immediately gained popularity among the Russian-speaking audience:

“Gramercy Park and Other Stories” was awarded the “2015 Best Book Award” at the German International Literary Contest;

“To My Not-So-Intelligent Girlfriends With All My Love. Seventeen Stories” won the “2016 Best Book Award” at the German International Literary Contest.

A third book, the novel “Life Is Easy”, which is fresh out of the print shop in the fall of 2016, has yet to win the hearts and minds of its future readers.

Apart from short stories, novelettes and novels, she has also tried her hand at feature articles, essays and critique that were published by media outlets both in the U.S. and Russia.

Tatiana has already debuted as a columnist for the “Chaika” Magazine (Boston) as well as “Elegant New York” and “Rumixer” Magazines in New York and Chicago, respectively. Her experience as a columnist proved successful and she became a full-fledged contributor to these editions.

In the summer of 2016, she received an invitation from the “Popular Wave” Radio Station in Chicago to co-host a regular radio program “Meet Interesting People”. Every other Monday writer Tatiana Sheremeteva and her colleague, poet Vadim Molodyi go on the air to talk about literature and authors.

After having won numerous international literary contests (she has over 30 literary awards), Tatiana has been invited to sit on the jury for some of these contests.

Tatiana Sheremeteva is a professional member of the American PEN Center, member of the National Writers’ Union of the U.S. and Board member of the “Pushkin Society of America”.

Her professional and social pursuits are varied and diverse, but writing, no doubt, remains her main focus. What can be said about her work? This is what Igor Mikhalevich-Kaplan, a poet and writer, Editor-in-Chief of “Poberezhiye” Publishers (Philadelphia), has to say in answer to this question:

“Tatiana Sheremeteva’s characters, her manner of writing, the drama of the plot as well as her language skills mesmerize the reader. It is a whole world of unconventional thinking, views on life, values and emotional reactions. The author belongs to the new wonderful generation of Russian writers who experiment in their work with existential and moral choices, dramas and conflicts faced by their new characters”.