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Art Alliance Events

Play Your Part Art Exhibition.

December 4th – 10th, 2019,

Participants: Olga Banartsev, Alex Ag, Armine Bozhko, Vladimir Deming, Elena Dobrovolskaya, Miroslav Duzinkevich, Vasyl Kadar,  Marina Kalinovsky, Kira Koktysh, Yelena Lezhen,  Lidia  Mikhaylova, Anna Miklashevich, Olga Nenazhivina, Viktoriya Rakhmanova, Petro Smetana, Ruslan Tremba.

Curator – Tatyana Borodina

With the amount of energy and emotion poured into a single work of art, just imagine the sheer power harnessed when several of them are brought together. What role can art play, if we let it enter our lives? We want the “PLAY YOUR PART” exhibition to be a doorway into the magnificent world of art to our guests.

In anticipation of the holiday season, the curators hope to send a pulse of a positive, lively and cheerful spirit that will inspire everyone to play their parts with joy and pride, appreciating all that surrounds us and understand that our roles are not externally imposed on us, but rather our a natural inherent part.

The exhibition will feature works of contemporary art by famous American and Eastern European artists. Innovative techniques and traditional painting, vivid still lives, landscapes and portraits, conceptual photography and mirrored images, Chinese drawing and Japanese graphics, collage, ceramics and designer jewelry invite the visitors to become part of the art. And the cherry on the cake – a festive fashion show showcasing all the newest holiday season trends and accessories. 


“Dialogues of Imagination”,  Contemporary Art of Eastern Europe and the USA

April 3rd – 9th, 2019, Tenri Gallery, New York.

Modern art is a kind of mirror of the inner world not so much of the author as of the viewer.

The modern world, with its common information space, is becoming increasingly compact and informal. In art, it looks the most obvious and significant. Nowadays a creative person feels like a World Citizen, where contemporary art has become truly international.  Are cultural traditions, the continuity of art schools and generations relevant, and is personal national self-identification important in contemporary art?

To find answers to these questions will help the exhibition “Dialogues of Imagination”, which collected works of famous contemporary artists from Eastern Europe and the United States.

The exhibition is unique in the way that along with American artists, there are artists who are well known in Europe, but for the first time exhibiting their work in the United States. The exhibition presents artists whose works are in the collections of famous people, presidents of European states, in national museums, funds of famous companies, as well as in permanent exhibitions of leading European galleries.

Artists: Oleksii Apollonov, Petro Bevza, Oleksii Beliusenko, DYANA, Leo Genkin, Marina Kalinovsky, Marina Kashirskaya, Lana Kaufman, Kira Koktysh, Larisa Krasner, Yelena Lezhen, Anna Miklashevich, Olena Pryduvalova, David Sharashidze, Petro Smetana, Irina Rodnikoff, Ola Rondiak,Boris Yeghiazaryan, Anna Zaiachkivska, Mykola Zhuravel.

Curator: Tatyana Borodina

When the works of artists from 6 countries are shown in one exposition, the theme – Dialogues of Imagination, acquires a special meaning.  The exhibition forms a free dialogue of creative individuals with a unique artistic experience, original vision, and a complex spectrum of emotions. Artists engage the viewer in an active dialogue, offering to become a referee in their creative discussion.

Figurative and abstract painting, expressionism, realism, minimalism, primitive art, graphics and ceramics – a wide range of works will allow guests of the exhibition not only to find “their picture”, but also to gain new experience in the knowledge of modern art. The exhibition “Dialogues of Imagination” will give you beauty, pleasure and experience, will allow you to meet with talented artists and spend an unforgettable evening with a glass of wine in hand in the company of creative people.

 “Plasticity of Motion”,

February 7-13, 2019. Tenri Gallery, New York

Photographers: Nina Alovert, Zoya Anderson, Mariya Andriichuk, Alex AG, Tina Sokolovskaya, Dariya Tishchenko-Zhuravel, Marina Tychinina.
Designers: Olga Banartsev, Klara Kasavina, Oksana Lerman, Kira Koktysh, Anna Perelman.

Curator: Tatyana Borodina

New York Fashion Week is a vibrant celebration of creativity, beauty and craftsmanship. As a tradition goes, International Art Alliance participates in this event. This year the Photo Exhibition, Fashion and Jewelry Show will be held under the title: “Plasticity of Motion”.

Harmony, beauty and the human body’s fluidity are regarded as the muses for ballet, painting, poetry, photography, music and even fashion and jewelry. The exhibition will feature works by outstanding photo artists, famous jewelry and fashion designers. It is devoted to the human perfection and beauty. Human is the main theme of our exhibition and its creator.

There is nothing more natural to us than to experience motion. But body’s movement are diverse! Are there many similarities in the motion of a boxer and a ballerina? Are there any similarities in the stroke of a conductor’s hand and a cowboy throwing a lasso. What is the same between the steps of an elegant model on the catwalk and the last sprinter’s step at the finish line? Our answer to these question lies in the body’s plasticity. One can experience, capture and present motion in different ways. The artists do it in their own way using their own unique ideas and tools.

The fluidity of flowing fabric, precious metals and pearls, beads and gems in the works of the presented designers fascinates and amazes with its originality and skill. Designers and stylists with exquisite taste collect things in a complete ensemble, with the main goal to emphasize the unique femininity of everyone who wears them.

Photography is the main topic of the exhibition. It is impossible not to admire the body’s fluidity in the pictures. But one cannot, but admire the creativity of the person behind the camera. The unsurpassed photographer is the one  who not only caught the moment of the absolute harmony, but also conveyed the emotions associated with it.

These talented and extraordinary photo artists presented their works at the “Plasticity of Motion” exhibition. From classics to conceptualism and surrealism, taken on a film or digital camera – all the works are highly professional, talented and creative.


“Music, Art and Fashion Salon by International Art Alliance”

October 5th at the National Opera Center

(330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001), in the Marc A. Scorca Hall.

The opening of the Autumn season “Music, Art and Fashion Salon by International Art Alliance” will take place.  This evening talented creative people, united together, will present to the public unforgettable moments of beauty and inspiration. Art is designed to enrich and beautify our lives, give new emotions, develop tastes and excite the imagination. Art Alliance strives to unite representatives of various areas of art, presenting their work in one exposition, concert or presentation.

This approach gives a powerful emotional impulse, broadens the range of perception, helps to understand and experience how diverse the skills, talents and imagination of a creative person are. How infinite are its possibilities and how the wide range and embodiment of ideas.

Starting the season 2018-2019, we decided to focus on music. This evening, the Art Alliance will present two talented singers to the New York public – Evgenia Pirshina and Tanya Dybal. They will perform arias, duets and romances of French and Russian composers. They will be accompanied by Carla Ferreira, the leading pianist of the theaters SODRE and Solis (Montevideo). In their program, musicians will touch upon the eternal theme of love, which inspires all people of art throughout the centuries.

Moving away from the standards and making bold and unexpected decisions are the features of creative people. These are the features of the Art Alliance. We are sure that an elegant collection of evening dresses from designer Olga Banertseva and jeweler/designer Kira Koktysh will be a pleasant surprise for guests of the evening.

Inspired by the idea of the Salon, the designers, in just a couple of months, realized their joint “music” collection, which will be unveiled for the first time in the defile on October 5. Mastery and fantasy allowed Kira and Olga to create a “Rhapsody of Color” made of fabric, stones, textures, colors and, of course, their own brilliant ideas.

The collection created by them confirms the opinion that in their tandem, the designers are followers of such famous American masters of evening dresses as Badgley Mischka, J. Mendel, and Dennis Basso. The concept of the collection: A cascade of colors and emotions from elegant evening dresses, shaded with a soft glitter of pearls and a saturated color of semiprecious stones. Each element of the collection, carefully executed by the hand of the master, not only supplements, but also emphasizes the individuality of its owner.
International Art Alliance has the same admiration for all areas of art, but we admit that our origin lies with painters and their art. The Art Alliance project involves truly outstanding, professional and talented painters and graphic artists who show new facets of their skills during each exhibition.

This time we are pleased to present the works of 2 regular participants of our Salons: Katya Leonovich and Elena Lezhen and two new ones for the New York’s public: David Sharashidze and Olga Sushkov-Hyunyadi. The collection of art exhibited in the concert hall, in the atmosphere of music, will open the guests to the amazing depths of the beauty, touch the hidden strings of the soul, and play with emotions. Works that differ in style and technique that is combined with juicy and bright colors. Their bold combinations and musical virtuosity in the transmission of feelings.


 Superfine! NYC 2018! 

May 2-6 at 459 West 14th Street / / Meatpacking, Manhattan.

Art Alliance Participants:

Yelena Lezhen, Katya Leonovich, David Sharashidze


Exhibition «Contrasts of Spring», April 12th 2018  

Exhibition «Contrasts of Spring», April 12th 2018  from 6 pm to 9 pm

Address: Caelum Gallery, 508-526- W 26th Street, New York, NY, 3rd floor.

 The Tree of Arts consists of paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry and fashion –  those branches being the most beautiful in Spring. It’s has become the annual tradition, in April, to celebrate art, inspiration and beauty, bringing together the triumph of different dimensions of creation. Namely, the idea of unity, creative artistry and solidarity of arts inspires us to create this  International Art Allianceproject.

«Contrasts of Spring» vernissage includes painters, designers, and photographers. We are certain that creative people and their work is the most powerful potential that the world possesses. Creativity and creation in all its manifestations is the constant that gives hope to people from century to century and allows one to feel, for a moment, human mutual understanding and continuity of art in the context of the historical development of civilization.


Painters: Mikhail Turovskiy, Yelena Lezhen, Katya Leonovich, Aleksander Rees, Vladimir Davidenko, Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy,  Anna Zaiachkivska, Serge Semernin, Maya Frank.

Photographers:Alexandra Shvets and  Katrin Albert
Jewelry designers:Kira Koktysh and Vladimir Deming
Millinery:Irina Dratvа

Curator: Tatyana Borodina


Art and Fashion Week Exhibition by International Art Alliance

September 15th – 21, 2017. Art and Fashion Week Exhibition by International Art Alliance (MAD&F Gallery, 110 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016) Exhibition Art and Fashion Week was officially included in the calendar of the New York Fashion Week.

Art and Fashion Week Exhibition by International Art Alliance and Elegant New York Magazine will tell the story of fashion ideas from conception to realization. What precedes and accompanies the birth of a new trend? The exhibition will illustrate this exciting process from designer’s inspiration to a runway show.

It is no coincidence that we chose this original and multifaceted theme for the upcoming exhibition. As experience shows, in addition to being a launchpad for new trends and a major sales platform for fashion designers, NYFW always generates a keen interest in the artistic process of creating new styles.

Featured works by:  Artists: Anna Kiper, Katya Leonovich, Yelena Lezhen, Violeta Livshen, Angelica Verkeenko and Anna Zaiachkivska

Jewelry Designers: Vladimir Deming, Kira Koktysh, Larisa ShamuradovaMarina Gershman

Fashion Designer: Katya Leonovich.

Curator Tatyana Borodina.

Exhibition The Ardor of Spring, April 20th, 2017

The Ardor of Spring,  Caelum Gallery, 508 W 26th Street, NYC. 

Artists and Designers:
Konstantin Bokov, Olga Dmytrenko, Elena Iosilevich, Ella Kogan,
Kira Koktysh,
Katya Leonovich, Lana Lanetta, Yelena Lezhen,
Emil Silberman, Larisa Shamuradova, Oksana Tanasiv. Curators: Tatyana Borodina and Yelena Lezhen

The Ardor of Spring will feature works of painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelry and fashion designers exploring the subjects of femininity, rebirth and yearning.

After Show. Testimonials:

As an exhibitor of «Ardor of Spring» exhibition, I would like to send an appreciation note to the organizers of the show, especially Tatiana Borodina. It was done an incredible promotional work on the show with many publications in the press, articles by critics, marketing online and on the social networks. The attendance of the show was a big success, many visitors came to see the show, including journalists, art collectors, galleries. Thank you to the organization Art Alliance and Tatiana Borodina for a great work done on the event! – Oksana

Great presentation! Thank you very much! – Nicholson.

Excellent , thanks so much! Amazing! – Karrin R.

Thank you so much for organizing a great event – The Ardor of Spring. I know it is not easy to be an organizer especially when dealing with people (especially with artists :). It is great to be a part of an artist community and be able to participate in such venue. Look forward to your next project.  – Elena I.

It is not a surprise the major effort is required for putting together an art exhibition at Chelsea, New York. It proves to be completely true for the Ardor of Spring exhibition. I, as a participated artist, is very greatfull to the online magazine Elegant New York, Art уAlliance Web Portal, and their creator and executive manager Tatyana Borodina for making this exhibition happen. Her leadership was instrumental in finding a gallery that hosted the exhibition, putting together marketing campaign and working with a creative team of writers for developing a professional art review  for each participared artist.  This exhibition success could not be possible without Tatiana Borodina’s dedication and tireless work on this project. – Yelena L.

Exhibition “Tales Of Talent”, December 1th, 2016, New York

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