We thank everyone who took part in the charity Art Marathon “Together We Will Win.”

By International Art Alliance 

Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street, New York, NY

The results of the Charity Art Marathon in favor of Ukraine.

In 3 hours, October 28, $12,420 was raised (sales of entrance tickets, art, designer jewelry and private donations.)

At the end of our event, we have transferred the raised money to the following charity funds:

1. Kind Deeds (Prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen). USA – $5000

2. A Bowl of Hope. Help for Ukrainian children suffering from diseases requiring special nutrition. USA. —$4000

3. Charitable fund “Turn back alive”. The Fund purchases possessions, as if helping to maintain the life of military people. Ukraine. – $2800

4. Individuals in Ukraine who are engaged in the production of mobile heating systems (stoves for use in military field conditions) -$620

Photo report about the charity evening on October 28: