Evening Dress Code Interview with Olga Banartseva autor Anastasiia Solovei   They say, the world of fashion is cruel. And I say it is beautiful. And it is beautiful not only by the brilliance of the defile in the rays of the spotlights, incredible shoes, stunning dresses, daring make-up and perfection of models. First of all, it is beautiful by the people who create it. These


Facets of Talent Interview with Evgenia Pirshina. Autor Olga Slavnina. Russian version. Evgenia Pirshina, a soloist at the Chicago Opera Theater, owner of the beautiful contralto, will take part in the opening of the autumn season Art Alliance. The concert will feature arias from operas, romances and duets. The soprano part will be performed by the soloist of the Minsk Music Theater, Tanya Dybal, and


The opening of the Autumn season

"Music, Art and Fashion Salon by International Art Alliance" October 5th at the National Opera Center (330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001), in the Marc A. Scorca Hall. The evening will begin at 6:45 with a buffet table in the company of musicians, designers, and artists. In the concert hall the public will see an exhibition of works by  Yelena Lezhen, Katya Leonovich, David

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Finding Identity

  Interview with Olya Rondiak especially for Elegant New York led by Alexandra Chumak Ola, the opening of your exhibition took place on May 4 at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York. What is the exhibit dedicated to? Yes, my exhibit "Identity, Interrupted" was opened on May 4th at the Ukrainian Institute of America in Manhattan. In my series Identity, Interrupted, I share how

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Art Night in Chelsea. Colorful, bold and fun.

Text by Gunel Alizade April 2018, New York Photos  and  video by Katherina Grigoreva Photos by Sergey Kovalinskiy "This spring vernissage became a real gift after the long winter. New Yorkers did not have enough bright colors and positive emotions " - Jose Vasquez, art expert New York was really tired of the long winter ... everyone was waiting for color, joy, and warmth. We

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Develop Artistic Taste and Excite Your Imagination

Let’s talk about the exhibition that will take place in New York on April 12, 2018, and other intriguing issues. Have you noticed that the modern world is becoming more and more visual? The new generation prefers expressing their thoughts and feelings in images, and this applies not only to informal communication but also to business, science, and technology spheres. An imaginary display of

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Art and Fashion Week Exhibition by International Art Alliance

Art and Fashion Week Exhibition by International Art Alliance and Elegant New York Magazine, a part of New York Fashion Week September 15th – 21, 2017 MAD&F Gallery, 110 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016 (between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue) Exhibition Art and Fashion Week is officially included in the calendar of the New York Fashion Week 2017 and will become the next

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The Pinnacle of Bliss

Immerse yourself into the richness of the season! In summer, luxury becomes the very fiber of being. The caressing warmth of sunrays, the lavish softness of sand, a cascade of colors and sensations... Only an artist can create a time capsule holding the essence of summery opulence - the ultimate luxury that comes from combining precious gifts of nature with talent and finesse. On June 21, two

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