Text by Gunel Alizade
April 2018, New York

Photos  and  video by Katherina Grigoreva

Photos by Sergey Kovalinskiy

“This spring vernissage became a real gift after the long winter. New Yorkers did not have enough bright colors and positive emotions ” – Jose Vasquez, art expert

New York was really tired of the long winter … everyone was waiting for color, joy, and warmth. We celebrated the warmth with the traditional April exhibition of the Art Alliance – the vernissage “Contrasts of Spring”. Having united all the directions of art, the organizers presented the works of 14 talented creative personalities, participants of the Art Alliance.


At the opening, the public enjoyed a variety of colors, textures, styles and creative outrage. Friendly faces and joyful chats, little surprises, and music, wine and poetry created a sense of celebration, raised the mood and helped to open hearts to art in all its manifestations.

Painting, graphics, photography were diverse in style and concept, but they had something in common – spring creative. When the trees in the city parks blossom tender flowers, and the flower beds flash with bright tulips, the exhibition at the Caelum Gallery in Chelsea opens the doors to the spring revival and triumph of art.

The evening opened with poetic compositions by Natalia Newman, written specifically for this evening, and named the same as the exhibition “Contrasts of Spring”. A pleasant gift from the musicians was the performance of several arias from Italian operas presented by Niko Znarciuc and solo-saxophone by Jaro Chaus. The musicians of the electronic rock band PROSSPEKT, without exaggeration, led the audience into ecstasy, with their original rock and pop opera music and incendiary vocals. All the cameras of mobile phones and professional videographers were directed to the extravagant Niko, the soloist of the group.

A pleasant gift from the musicians was the performance of several arias from Italian operas presented by Niko Znarciuc and solo-saxophone by Jaro Chaus

However, most of all the audience was curious what the artists had prepared.

Elena Lezhen decided to exhibit paintings on canvas, although until now, she exhibited works on paper. “I like when young people show interest in my work – it means that I keep up to date while trying to find and show something new. The 21st century imposes its obligations and I want to create in harmony with the modern world. ”

Elena Lezhen

The works of Vladimir Davidenko are not often seen at exhibitions. We were lucky because he exhibited 3 new paintings from the cycle that he is preparing for one of the major New York galleries. The main theme of his work is the interest in diversity and the many voices of the urban environment. Combining various techniques, methods, and materials, he seeks to convey the mood of the city, its contradictions, restlessness, its way and its rhythm. ” I am in the excellent mood! So many friends, beautiful women and I truly enjoy absolutely wonderful works of my colleagues. ”

Vladimir Davidenko

Davidenko’s drawings co-existed with paintings by Mikhail Turovsky, an artist who is known to be one of the most outstanding masters of contemporary art. Davidenko admitted that for him it is an honor to be exhibited next to such an outstanding artist as Turovsky.

Everyone was wondering what would unpredictable Katya Leonovich showcase this time? Katya presented a series of abstract canvases created in Italy. “I am very happy to be a part of the Art Alliance for the second year in a row. It is an amazing project that unites creative people and spreads the beauty of art. Every time our curator Tatiana Borodina successfully selects works and this time she chose paintings, where there is a lot of air and lightness. What does spring breathe? It was very easy for me to work on this series … Tensity and softness, everything is smooth and gentle! Just like the same atmosphere here today. Full spring harmony “.

Katya Leonovich

The new collection of Kira Koktysh,  was more monochrome this time -white symbolized the purity and life cycle of corals, and also emphasized the beauty of malachites and sapphires. In accordance with the atmosphere of the exhibition, Kira tried to focus on the beauty of nature and the protection of the environment.

Kira Koktysh and Tatyana Borodina

Vladimir Deming’s jewelry, to the contrary, is a tribute to modern materials, all his creations are handmade and each piece takes hours of painstaking work. His products are characterized by artistic lines and design, as well as color contrast. The bracelets and earrings can pair with any fashion style. Deming’s color contrasts are a perfect fit into the concept of the exhibition – Contrasts of Spring.

Vladimir Deming

Alexander Rees’ birthday fell on the opening day of the exhibition, and it was nice both for the artist and for the organizers – another reason to celebrate.

For the artist and musician, Alexander Rees, the urban landscape is the main theme. “I am immensely glad that I got into the Art Alliance circle, despite the fact that today there are a lot of artists with whom I have already crossed paths with, there are also absolutely new faces, powerful and interesting.” Initially, Alexander planned to exhibit only abstract works “but literally at the very last moment we decided to present my favorite genre-city landscapes.”, says the artist.

Alexander Rees

The guests spent a lot of time with the works of Anna Zaichkovskaya admiring the paintings and the artist herself. After all, she carries the title of Miss Ukraine and was a finalist of the Miss World contest. Her paintings are vibrant, energetic, and reveal the hidden depths of the artist’s sensual world.

Anna Zaichkovskaya

They have so many emotions, lives, and fantasies that everyone will find something in them for themselves.

It was impossible to take our eyes off Alexander Vishnevetsky ’s textures and bright colors. I would call his bright and colorful corner “Paradise”. Different shades of gold combined with lilac and dense acrylic texture are the characteristic style of this master. “What you see today on the walls was born within 15-20 years. I selected the spring inspired paintings for this event. I am passionate about philosophy and a revival of beauty and I hope that in the 21st century one of us will be able to decorate all our walls with beauty. I am very grateful to the Art Alliance for the invitation to participate in this exhibition! ”

Alexander Vishnevetsky

Sergei Semerenin’s paintings are symbolic and original, they seem very personal, but at the same time they have a global meaning – about the interconnectedness and relativity of events. The philosophical theme combined with the technique of execution, the contrast of textures, the monochrome palette, and the “scattered pills”, seemingly far from the spring theme, yet eloquently speak of contrasts, the volatility of life, death, perception, and even the riddles of being, the soul and the universe, reminding us once again that everything is changeable …

Sergei Semerenin

The works of Maya Frank became a reflection of the artist’s biography: the daughter of a Jew and a Turkmen, a ballerina in her childhood, a doctor and a criminologist in her youth, an actress now. Her work – a reflection of issues that a person asks himself all his life – where are we from? What awaits us? Her works are a reflection of despair and happiness, love, and fall, grief and joy through which every person, every civilization passes.»

Maya Frank

Traditionally, fashion design elements are an integral part of the Art Alliance. This time the eccentric headgear from Irina Dratva added a spring of audacity, enthusiasm, and cheerful mood. Colorful and surprisingly complex in performance hats attracted visitors, and some uncompromising fashionable women couldn’t share the absolutely fabulous  “hat with snakes”.

Irina Dratva

In addition to 12 represented artists, who happen to constantly participate in prestigious international exhibitions and presentations, it was the opening debut for 2 artists- debutantes  Katrin Albert and Alexandra Shvets. For Alexandra, black and white photography has a special meaning – “two true colors that contrast with life, bring my work a sense of balance.”

Alexandra Shvets

Katrin Albert has a very artistic style and distinctive appearance- a bit unusual, but at the same time in complete harmony with her creativity. A fragile young lady adorned with the magical flow of silky long blackish blue hair seemed to come out of her mysterious, almost haze-covered works.

Katrin Albert

Exhibition «Contrasts of Spring» includes painters, designers, and photographers. We are certain that creative people and their work is the most powerful potential that the world possesses. Creativity and creation in all its manifestations is the constant that gives hope to people from century to century and allows one to feel, for a moment, human mutual understanding and continuity of art in the context of the historical development of civilization.” – said Tatyana Borodina, curator of  «Contrasts of Spring».

Tatyana Borodina, curator of «Contrasts of Spring»

Here’s what the visitors say about the event:

“A very interesting exhibition: a lot of diverse works, a variety of colorful paintings. I personally was very pleased with the presence of a fashion element – jewelry and hats. The exhibition was beautifully organized and it was nice to be around all these art connoisseurs”

Nargiz Aliyarova, concerto pianist.


“Special thanks to Tatyana Borodina for organizing such an excellent annual event! The Vernissage is a true celebration of spring, where you can enjoy the art, the sounds of pleasant music, and most importantly interaction  with a lot of interesting people.

The exhibition gathered artists and photographers, film actresses and theater producers, musicians, writers, and of course fans of art and creativity.

This exudes spring energy !! “- Sergey Dyakov, art collector.

Gunel Alizade