Let’s talk about the exhibition that will take place in New York on April 12, 2018, and other intriguing issues.
Have you noticed that the modern world is becoming more and more visual? The new generation prefers expressing their thoughts and feelings in images, and this applies not only to informal communication but also to business, science, and technology spheres. An imaginary display of facts begins to occupy a dominant place in everyday life, and associations with rock art as the primary means of communication come to mind. It is funny, is not it? So it goes – these are the new realities in which we live.
But no matter how both ancient and modern people used images, the visual and imaginative world was and will be, first of all, the world of art. It is inhabited by people who are extraordinary, talented, searching, and creative. What is most important to such people? Most likely, it is an opportunity to share their creativity with the world.
Art should not be confined to the narrow, elite circle of the initiated. The artists’ and designers’ works should not be kept in their workshops – they must be shown to the world, find their homes and those people who will admire them and rejoice at them from day to day. Art is designed to enrich and beautify our lives, give us new emotions, develop our taste, and excite our imagination.

We do not want to seem pretentious, but we really believe that the people of the art world and their works are the main potentials of mankind. Art is a constant that gives hope to people and allows you to feel human understanding and the pursuit of perfection at least for a moment from century to century.
The people of art know how difficult it is to give their creations the way to a big world, as well as how many events, both real and mystical, must happen to make the artist’s works known and sought-after. Having decided to be one of these lucky factors, we have created the International Art Alliance. Sure thing, the goal to help artists, designers, poets, and musicians to demonstrate their works to the broadest possible audience is important and noble.

We develop the project’s concept, organize exhibitions, designer shows, and presentations, hold concerts and creative meetings, as well as do interviews and write about our heroes – creative people.

Within the walls of our Art Alliance, we strive to unite representatives of various branches of art, demonstrating their works within one exposition or presentation. Painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, jewelry, and fashion are the branches of the Tree of Art – all of them are interesting and beautiful in their own way.

Experience has shown that this approach gives a powerful emotional impulse, broadens the range of perception, helps to understand and feel how diverse each creative idea is, as well as how breathtaking is a flight of imagination of a creative person, regardless of the field in which he or she works.

It is interesting that it has a positive effect on the public and participants themselves. Banding together in the context of the exhibition, they are charged with each other’s creative energy and draw inspiration from their colleagues’ works. By the way, the ideas, which hang in the air, create a generous atmosphere inside our alliance.

Moreover, let’s bear in mind that art has long been the subject of investment, and the works of many our contemporaries will eventually cost significantly more than they cost now.

Have you ever thought that a certain painting you contemplate at the exhibition can become a winning ticket for you or your children in a decade? So it will give you aesthetic pleasure and turn into a serious asset at the same time. Just remember those who were unknown and sometimes poor as a church mouse – now their names are at the top of the list of the most expensive auction sales.
The ability to recognize a genius artist before he or she will be at the pinnacle of success is also a gift. Our mission is to help the public to notice the worthy people and pay attention to those ones who are represented by our Art Alliance. Our artists and designers demonstrate their works not only at the presentations that we organize – all of them are successful and sought-after at any prestigious place where their masterpieces may appear.

At the exhibition Contrasts of Spring, a very strong team of artists will get together to present their best works, many of which will be shown to the public for the first time on April 12, 2018. All the artists have repeatedly participated in European and American prestigious exhibitions – their works are of great interest to professionals and connoisseurs, as well as beginning collectors and amateurs.

Jewelry designers have prepared a completely new spring collection to show at the exhibition. So, the temptation to see and perhaps buy one of the novelties will shake you up and give you real pleasure.
Traditionally, we introduce debutants at each exhibition of our Art Alliance, considering it our mission to discover new names. So, two young and extraordinary female photo artists will present their works for the first time.

The highlight of our spring exhibition is the hats from a well-known designer whose works have been shown on high fashion catwalks both in Europe and America and are also presented in the Authentic Ukrainian Costume Museum.

In the context of our exhibition, we will also introduce the musicians and poetess who will turn our vernissage into a small concert.



Painters: Mikhail Turovskiy, Yelena Lezhen, Katya Leonovich, Aleksander Rees, Vladimir Davidenko, Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy,  Anna Zaiachkivska, Serge Semernin, Maya Frank.

Photographers:Alexandra Shvets and  Katrin Albert
Jewelry designers:Kira Koktysh and Vladimir Deming
Millinery:Irina Dratvа

Curator: Tatyana Borodina


Event Program

Art Show, Jewelry and Millinery Trunk Show –  6:00-9:00

Meet and Greet of the guests and participants,
author’s poetic composition by Natalia Newman – 6:30-7:00 pm

DJ set  with opera vocal and live saxophone by Niko Znaharchuk and Yaro Chaus, members of the award-winning electronic rock band PROSSPEKT – 6:30 – 8:30


Sponsors: Vella and Wine Bar

First 30 guests will receive souvenirs from event organizers.

Meet participants of the vernissage