Mikhail Turovsky. Galleries

Turovsky is an artist of great range and energy. He constantly experiments with diverse materials, is extremely prolific in his output and is one of the great masters of our time in the field of painting and drawing. He continues to develop the figurative tradition enriched by the achievements of modernism and belongs to the rank of such masters as Lucien Freud, Balthus, and Alice Neel. His paintings are part of the collection of such museums as Yad Vashem Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, Israel; the State Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia; The National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev; The Snite Museum of Notre Dame University, Indiana; and Judah L. Magnus Museum in Berkeley California, among others, as well as in many private collections. His paintings have been shown in various galleries in Europe and America. His works have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces of such cities as New York, Philadelphia, Paris, Geneva, Madrid, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Brussels, and Venice during the 1999 Venice Biennale. In June of 2001, a solo retrospective exhibition was held at The National Art Museum of Ukraine, comprised of 80 selected paintings of the previous 20 years. In January of 2009 exhibition of Turovsky HOLOCAUST paintings was held at the headquarters of the United Nations Organization in New York, and in October of the same year at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. In May 2012 a solo retrospective exhibition was held in New York City at the National Art Club. In 2004 a big monograph “ Mikhail Turovsky” was published in Paris by Attard publication. In 2008 Turovsky received from President of Ukraine the honorary title of People’s Artist of Ukraine and in 2009 was elected as a member of The Academy of the Arts of Ukraine. In 2013 Mikhail was awarded the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. In 2014 Mikhail was named “Person of the year” Russian speaking America.