Anna Zaiachkivska

What age did you begin?

I began my modeling career at 18.

Who/what agency discovered you?

First my models shooting was with famous Ukrainian photographer from my native city Ivano-Frankivsk – Vadim Klymenko.

Where were you discovered?

I took part in beauty competition Knyagynya Precarpattya 2012 (winner) and Knyagynya of Ukraine (Top model 2013). After this competitions I ween also “Miss Ukraine 2013” and represent my country in competition of Beauty in Miss World 2013 (“10 top-models of miss world 2013, “top 10 beach fashion of miss world 2013”, 3 place with own art song «moment of glory» in talent competition in miss world 2013). When I came back to Ukraine, i signed contract with “OC model management” (Kyiv) and after “NEXT” (Milan).

 What was the name of your first agency?

“OC model management” (Kyiv) and “NEXT” (Milan)



When I win competition of beauty, I did many interviews, TV-shows, recorded my own songs and was in jury in different competitions of beauty, did some acting. I supported many charity projects, education and cultural programs like good

Where did you travel (name all cities/countries)?

First country  – Indonesia (Bali – Miss World 2013);

America (Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Canada like Miss Ukraine World 2013, spiker, singer and artist );

Italy ( Milan, Venecia, Bolognia, Cattolica, Modena, Carpi, Reggio Emillia, Torino, Vicenza, Treviso, Florence);

Switzerland (Speicher – San Gallen).

What were some of your first BIG jobs?

List the different agencies that represent you AROUND THE WORLD.

Metro Model Agency (Switzerland) 

Traffic Models (Spain)

OC model agency (Ukraine, Kyiv)

List the different agencies that have represented you AROUND THE WORLD.

NEXT model (Italy/Milan)

Who are some of the big photographers and designers you worked with?

Photographers: Tino Vacca, Masa, James Duncan (Akris), Nadia Moro, Federico, Sorrentino, Chiara Scimone, Julia Asaro, Bibi & Jacob, Aldo Castoldi,

Brends: Twin Set (Simona Barbieri), les Copains, Carlo Pignatelli, Confezioni Peserico, Philosophi,

Kway, Antonio Valenti, CM Creazoni, Welmar SPA Blugirl, Max Mara Sportmax, Moschino, Anteprima, Etro SPA, Ralph Lauren Europe Sarl, Akris, Mila Schon, Jil Sander, De la Reppublica, Benetton Group Spa, Lui Jo Spa, Meeting Group Spa Deha, Mason’s, Giorgio Armani