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Boris Yeghiazaryan 

Public and private collections

Boris Yeghiazaryan was born in 1956 in Aparan (Armenia). He studied art in Yerevan Art College, later in Mukhina Art Institute (Saint Petersburg), and graduated from Kyiv Art Academy in 1986. Since 1986 Boris has been participating in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Armenia and abroad. Boris’ works are stored in the collections of Kyiv National Art Gallery, Vinnitsa Museum of Art, the Museum of Parajanov in Yerevan, National Gallery of Armenia and others.

Selected international exhibitions around the Word

2019 “Dialogues of Imagination”, Tenri Gallery, New York USA

2019 Several Exhibition at Saphira and Ventura Gallery, New York, USA

2018 – The personal exhibition “Dedication”, Khmelnytskiy’s Regional Art Museum. Khmelnytskiy, Ukraine

2017 – The personal exhibition, “ART ASTERS”. Kyiv, Ukraine

2016The personal exhibition “Full moon”, exhibition hall of Taras Shevchenko National museum. Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 – The group exhibition “Kyiv collection since 50-ies XX century till now”, exhibition hall of Taras Shevchenko National museum. Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 – The group exhibition “All truth about Crimea. Plein air chronicles”, gallery “Chlibnya” in National Sanctuary “Sophia of Kyiv”. Kyiv, Ukraine

2014 – The group exhibition “Territory of soul”, exhibition hall of Taras Shevchenko National Museum. Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 – The personal exhibition, exhibition hall KMBS. Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 – The group exhibition, Russian Art Museum. Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 – The exhibition Art Monaco 2011, Monaco

2009 – International festival “Fine Art Ukraine”, “Ukrainian Dim”. Kyiv, Ukraine

2008 – The personal exhibition, National Gallery of Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia

2008 – The personal exhibition, Ukrainian Culture Center in Paris. France

2007 – The personal exhibition. Toronto, Canada

2005 – The personal exhibition, gallery “VDessaules”. Montreux, Switzerland

2005 – Gallery “Anexis”. Baden, Switzerland

2005 – Gallery “Russian Art”. Santa Fe, USA

2004 – Gallery “Anexis”. Baden, Switzerland

2003 – The personal exhibition, La Test de Buish. France

2003 – The personal exhibition, gallery “Galia”. Bordeaux, France

2003 – Gallery “Anixis”. Baden, Switzerland

2002 – Gallery “Art of Russia”. Baltimore, USA

2001 – The personal exhibition, gallery “Galia”. Bordeaux, France

2001 – Gallery “Oste Kunst”. Berlin, Germany

2001 – II International Art Festival. Magdeburg, Germany

2001 – Exhibition Hall of the television of lands Zaksen-Anhalt (“MDR” Mitteldeuscherundfun). Magdeburg, Germany

2001 – Gallery “Anixis”. Baden, Switzerland

2000 – The exhibition Basel, Switzerland

1999 – The exhibition, gallery “Doktorhaus”. Bern, Switzerland

1999 – The group exhibition. Magdeburg, Germany

1998- The personal exhibition. Paris, France

1998 – The personal exhibition, exhibition hall “Sepulcre”. Caen, France

1995 – The personal exhibition. Philadelphia, USA

1992 – The group exhibition. Munich, Germany

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To purchase paintings in the USA contact us by email: