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Anna Miklashevich


Anna is a Ukrainian artist who based in Slovenia. More than 16 years of her professional activity is related to art.
Nowadays she paints women’s portraits, those do not belong to any concrete person, like an emotion or state those don’t belong to everyone. 

Cosmic, Entire, Illuminated, Infinite, Brave, Honest, etc – these states like cards during shuffling, are changed inside each woman. Anna describes them, enlarges them and shows those meaning for her as for an artist and for every woman generally. Using saturated colors Anna demonstrates the power of a woman, her strength and global influence on the World. She uses large canvases to evoke her feelings for others to see. Deep eyes, smooth and bright lines of cheeks and faces, all these are on a big scale, big as human life is. 

At the present, paintings of Anna Miklashevich are in private collections in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy, Swiss, Bulgaria, etc. She exhibits her paintings all over the World, also in the USA.

About Artist:

Anna sees the colors of emotions and interprets them as expressive as she feels. She tells stories on canvases and paints to see the reality of feelings, not just by receiving information through eyes, but by inputs of everyday life challenges. Then there are large canvases to evoke these feelings for others to see. To emphasize and enlarge them – meanings and importance of the inner process of every being. Deep eyes, smooth and bright lines of cheeks and faces, all these are on a big scale, big as human life is. Nowadays she paints portraits, those do not belong to any concrete person, like an emotion that does not belong to everyone. And these portraits are her new beginning. She paints mostly women, gentle and bright. She is in the process of understanding whether these portraits are self-portraits or portraits of unknown women.

– Neza Pavsic, art-curator, culturologist, Slovenia

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2018 – founded the atelier in Idrija, the city of UNESCO heritage, Slovenia. Here she paints and teaches students all over the World to paint. 

2017 – moved to Slovenia and started a new journey.

2015 – marathoner, Florence marathon, Italy.

2012-2016 – guided the atelier for painting and teaching adults Alla-prima techniques in Kyiv. It was a very intensive time: the thousands of students from all over the World, online coaching, art-business coaching.

2011 – the beginning of work as an artist and teacher of Alla-prima techniques. Opened oil painting YouTube channel (guiding till now) where more than 150 own videos about painting techniques and art management are collected.

Master of Art and Cultural Management, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2006 – started independent work as a writer, later – became an entrepreneur. Till 2018 Anna has more than 15 years of experience in creating and management in art and cultural sphere. 

From 17 years old – work as a PR and organization manager in art and culture sphere.

High school of Art and Architecture, Dnipro, Ukraine.

From 15 years old till now – working with the word in different ways: writing essays, articles, working in the advertisement. Winner and a laureate of competitions as a writer and copywriter.



Play Your Part, group exhibition, Tenri Gallery, New Your, USA.

Artbasel Artweek, digital participation, ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0, Miami, USA.

BIENNALE, Idrija, Slovenia.

Solo Art Show ALICE IN THE REAL WORLD, St.Barbara Gallery, Idrija, Slovenia.

ARTBOX.TALENT SHOW IT!, digital participation, The Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Swiss.

The International Fall Exhibition, group exhibition, MORA, New Jersey, USA.

Dialogues of Imagination, group exhibition, Tenri Gallery, New York, USA.

Group exhibition Extempore Cinober, St.Barbara Gallery, Idrija, Slovenia

2018-2019 –  permanent exhibition in the own atelier in Idrija, Slovenia


Solo exhibition, MiniColors of Sea Landscapes, in palette knife techniques, Emilija, Idrija, Slovenia.

Solo exhibition, Portraits of Emotions, Emilija, Idrija, Slovenia. 

2013-2016 – permanent exhibition in the own atelier in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012-2014 – different permanent and temporary exhibitions in galleries and art-shops, Dnipro, Ukraine.

To purchase paintings in the USA contact us by email:

To purchase paintings in the USA contact us by email: