Anna Miklashevich is an entrepreneur and young artist from Ukraine, now situated in Idrija, little town listed at the Unesco world heritage list in Slovenia. Her painting starts with knowledge of writing a word of wisdom, and words written by her, as she began with literature art and exploration of it. Having enough words, she believes that stories needed to be written in mind first and then putted in the word for others to see – emotions, creative processes, lives, and impressions. She began to write her story with a brush full of deep and bright colors.

Specialized in portraits and visual impressions from nature she explores the world within a human, above, below and outside the environment. Right after she became an independent artist (2011-2012), she began to look at different approaches to human conditions and emotions. She sees the colors of emotions and interprets it as expressive as she feels. She can tell and paint to see the reality of feelings, not just by receiving information through eyes, but by inputs of everyday life challenges. Then there are large canvases to evoke these feelings for others to see. To emphasize and enlarge it – meanings and importance of the inner process of every being. Deep eyes, smooth and bright lines of cheeks and faces, all this on a big scale, big as a human life is. Before starting these large oil paintings in which she finds her expression she painted small canvases, she still does. This meaning especially her sense of putting lives in perspective, from small to big scale of concentrated feelings and nature itself. 

Nowadays she paints portraits, that do not belong to any concrete person, like an emotion that does not belong to everyone. And these portraits are her new beginning. Passion and life flowing through she finds in every person new motivation, new perspective. She paints mostly women, gentle and simplified. She is in process of understanding whether these portraits are self-portraits or portraits of an unknown woman. As every emotion flows through her every painting is her. Of all the faces that we wear, she expresses them on the canvases. 

She deepens her Self understanding with painting. She said: Everyone can become anyone. Then little by little in every portrait, she becomes that painting itself. A big-hearted and sensual young artist Anna Miklashevich will eventually in years to come and beyond be a painting itself, with all the emotions she has to show.

Neza Pavsic, curator, culturologist and anthropologist