Gunel Alizade

Jewelry is personal. Each creative process has its own history. One little added detail could change your whole outfit and sometimes you mood. In case with Elita’s jewelry line there is so much personal and intimate power that reflects in the multi-faceted broad range creations. When Elita, a trained physician and a young single mother, immigrated to America she decided to focus on her then teenage children instead of pursuing a career in medical field. Having no regrets, the designer would find bits and pieces of time to work on her hobby of jewelry making.

Born and raised in Tashkent Elita immigrated to the States with her children to find new life and happiness.  With very little time to herself our heroine always enjoyed the beauty of jewelry with Russian elements. Meanwhile, her designs gained a wide range of popularity, as people just loved unique designs with Russian flair. Each piece is unique in its own way.

Ever since I was a little girl I have admired Russian jewelry designs, but I never got a chance to let my creativity out. I would always play around with various gems and metals. My daughter never understood me and thought that I was wasting my time. But was I really wasting my time? It just so happened my hobby became a career.  I never dreamt that my love for gems and jewelry would turn into business; I still consider it as mainly pleasure that is why I never advertise. The most important thing for me is to make people happy and bring them joy…..

There is a Russian saying that a talented person is talented in everything. Aside from creating jewelry Elita enjoys writing poetry and novels.

When I moved to America I had to encounter many complications and it almost felt like I lost my innocence, like I became a different person. My creations allowed me to regain that lost innocence- I felt pure and complete. I learned how to see through things and recognize important details. Mysterious events, unusual people, signs….

It feels like I have so much experience yet I don’t like to talk about age. Sometimes a twenty year-old has more life experience than someone of advanced age….

I don’t consider myself a designer – I just create things that make other people happy.  Some items just sit there and wait for the right person to acquire it

Elita doesn’t use gold, mostly hypoallergenic metal or silver as well as semi-precious gems like turquoise, malachite, сoral, various crystals, cubic zirconia, etc.

The materials are imported from Israel and Russia.

I enjoy being spontaneous with my designs; there is almost a “click”. I just know when it happens – it is almost like a habit! I never thing whether someone will like my creations or not, I just go for it, I don’t care.  Making a sale has never been my goal!

Interestingly, Elita lost interest in working with diamonds and is now focusing on reviving old pieces that have lost their appearance and value. She strongly believes that each piece in her collection is meant to belong to a specific someone, just need to wait for the right moment.

I am not ashamed to admit that I still have pieces from 2 years ago waiting for the right person. Honestly (lowers her voice), I get greedy sometimes and just hide jewelry in my drawer so nobody else can have it….I am not ready to say goodbye.

Elita never advertises her collections; it all gets passes along by her clients.

 The process of creation is unpredictable; I use whatever is available at the moment. Who knows what’s coming next! I never even thought that I would be a part of this exhibit……