Alexandr Grigoriev


Born May 19, 1955 in the village of Mazurkas, Belarus.
Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists since 1999.
Member of the International Union of UNIMA since 2013.
He works in the field of graphics, paintings, sculptors and scenography.
Author and director of the international project “BREST PRINT TRIENNIAL” since 2008.
Author and director of the project “GRIGART PRINT STUDIO-2015” in Brest.
Author and curator of exhibitions: “23 master of the Polish Ex-Libris” Brest, “Golden Ring of Russia A. Kalashnikov” Brest, “Leonid Kuris, Israel, Ex Libris” Brest, Pinsk, Romanov (RP), Byala-Pldlyaska (RP).
Member of the jury of 4 International competitions of exhibitions of small forms of graphics and bookplates.
Created images, costumes, puppets and scenography for eight performances.
Bookplate, 1995 deals with. Total executed 61 exlibris.
Member of about 100 exhibits.
It works in the techniques of etching, aquatint. It exhibited since 1986.
In international exhibitions and competitions vystavkah-participates since 2001

A. Grigoriev develops conceptual designs in the style of tragicomedy. His work is characterized by allegorical way of thinking, understanding of life and contemporary life.

National culture, based on the ideals of good and humanism, embodies the soul of our people, is one of the symbols of Belarus. Alexander Grigoriev belong to an extraordinary country representatives of the creative intelligentsia, those who devote their talents and inspired work of the people, keep and increase its spiritual richness.

Works A. Grigorieva are in the collections of the Brest regional museum, galleries and library collections: Belgrade (Serbia), Ankara (Turkey), Lamaze, Milan, Asuka&Terme (Italy), Arad (Romania), Ostrow Wielikopolski, Gliwice, Sanok, Nice and Malbork (Poland), Lefkada (Greece), Havirov (Czech Republic), Sofia (Bulgaria), Cadaques & Herron (Spain), Winkfield (England), Bages (Spain), Guadalupe (Mexico), Sichuan (China), New York (USA), Ufa, Irbit and Vologda (Russia), Bahia (Brazil).

Lives and works in Brest, Belarus, since 1976.


1992 – Honorary Diploma awarded first prize Republican contest “Advertisement-92”.
2002 – Honorary diploma of first prize – at the II International competition schedules and ekslibrisa – Sanok, Poland.
2005 – MEDAL AND HONORARY DIPLOM – VI International Competition graphics and bookplates – Glivitse, Poland.
2005 – POCHETNY DIPLOM – XIII Biennale Mini Print and Exlibris, Ostrow Wielikopolski, Poland.
2005 – Certificate of Merit – the Brest City Executive Committee for his great personal contribution to the development and promotion of art.
2007 – DIPLOMA – (nomination) – IV International Triennale, Arad, Romania.
2010 – Grand Prix (Bronze statuette, diploma) – “URAL PRINT TRIENNIAL-2010”, Ufa, Russia.
2010 – FIRST PRIZE (Gold statuette, diploma) – at the VIII International competition of graphics and bookplates in Gliwice, Poland.
2011 – Laureate Diploma – III All-Russian exhibition-competition bookplates in Vologda, Russia.
2012 – DIPLOMA AFTER ALBIN Brunovsky FISAE for outstanding contributions in the arts and bookplate.
2012 – GRATITUDE State inspection of protection of fauna and flora of the President of the Republic of Belarus. For the enhancement of the spiritual wealth of the country, the dedication of its highly artistic creativity extraordinary preservation of the unique natural diversity of Belarus, with the filling of the national culture ideals of goodness and humanity.
2013 – Laureate Diploma -IV All-Russian exhibition-competition bookplates in Vologda, Russia.
2013 – Gratitude for active participation in the artistic life of the Brest Association of Belarusian Union of Artists and the special contribution to the development of the Belarusian Fine Arts.
2015 – Honorary Diploma – III “BREST PRINT TRIENNIAL” for many years of outstanding creative achievements in the field of bookplates and graphics.
2015 – Thanks. For assistance in the organization of creative and active part in the Fifth All-Russian Exhibition and Competition bookplates, Vologda, Russia.
2015 – Honorary diploma “GRIGART PRINT STUDIO” – III “BREST PRINT TRIENNIAL” for outstanding creative achievements and special contribution to the promotion of bookplates and graphics.
2015 – Certificate of Merit of UNIMA – For his outstanding work in the creation of performances and special contribution to the development and promotion of theatrical art in Belarus.