Stanislaw Goc


Artist’s Statement:

“While classic photography is capturing a moment, my Photo-Reflections record creations of the best master: light.”

I understand the camera as a pen or pencil used to make fast notes with. Having the background of working in the theater and movie productions in Europe, I capture and tell stories I find in my mind through photographs. Looking at the world through camera lens sometimes reveals a perspective or a secret one does not see with the naked eye. While classic photography is capturing a moment, my camera is trying to understand what light is telling me. I call these process reflections. All Great Painters always knew that the light is the best Master. My camera is trying to record the best creations of the best master: light. All of my images are made traditionally with the camera as a single-exposure photograph, not digital or multi-collage manipulations. I deeply believe that photography is a High Quality Art and as such it is equal to all other visual arts. During the last several years I have exhibited my photography widely throughout the United States. Manhattan, NY, Rochester, NY, Carmel, IN Indianapolis, IN. My art has been reviewed in numerous publications. All artworks are Limited Edition and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All my photographs are printed on canvas, metal, or photo-paper, LTD Ed., Certificate of Authenticity.

Contact Tel: 1(317)443-8901


Shakespeare our contemporary

Merchant of Venice

Pageant contest

Spirit of May

Just walking

On my way to a village

Just a monument

Study of beauty

Following his shadow

Zabriskie Point

Blades of grass

I love the song

Fugue in blue