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Artist Statement:

Photography for me is an instant of Revelation. It demands devotion, you have to reveal every inch of your soul to get to the true artworks. My interest in photography appeared as a passionate desire for self-expression and authenticity. I believe that the best way to come closer to a person’s soul is to strip away all the artifice. My simple secret is that when I shoot, I focus all my creative energy, as if it is the last of my life.


Mariya Andriichuk was born in 1983 in Ukraine. Nowadays she is working and living in Kyiv. Her interest in photography appeared as passionate desire of self-expression. Her favorite genre is nude photography, as she feels the best way, the only way, to come closer to person’s soul is to strip away all the artifice. Mariya has been active as professional photographer since 2007.

Her first personal exhibition, ‘Soul Flying’, was in 2009 where she presented 27 pieces, which all were sold and now are in private art collections throughout Europe. The same year she received her first international award, the Silver Medal in prestigious the photography competition ‘Trierenberg Super Circuit 2009’ and received recognition from PSA (Photographic Society of America).

In 2010 she took part in an exhibition at Wandergalerie in Salzburg, Austria, and in the Gallery of Art in Kiev. In 2011 she received the Gold Medal and the First Prize in ‘Nude’ section at ‘Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011’, 3 photo works were published in the limited ‘Trierenberg Super Circuit Luxury Edition 2011’ and ‘Post Perestroika’ book.

Her exhibition, entitled ‘1+1’, was a reflection of her vision that there is a balance in all things, that all things are incomplete with this balancing element. Whether it is male + female, or the spiritual + the sexual, it is the nature of the universe to create compatible and complementary elements.

Currently she is working as commercial photographer and continuing her new personal art projects.

What is photography for me?
Photography is not just a hobby or professional occupation, it is my life style, the way I look at the universe and, I think, the way it looks at me. I think that the best photographs are those which I could not take but they remain in my memory forever. But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying to capture them.

What are my photographs about?
Every piece of art — is a separate story, life stage, with its own mood which I wanted to express, not just the image, but the emotions, the thoughts…


– Solo International Exhibition in Macedonia, November 2014. Being one of the jury in the international competition.

– International Exhibition of Art Photography “SOUL” 2013 in Macedonia.

– Working with famous magazines including Esquire, Noblesse,
Real Weddings as photographer and creative designer.

– Victory in the Austrian photo competition Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011,
first prize and Golden Medal, 3 photo works were published in the limited Trierenberg
Super Circuit Luxury Edition 2011.

– Taking part in Exhibition in WANDERgalerie 2010.

– Personal photo exhibition “Soul Flying”.

– Recognition by PSY (Photographic Society of America) 2009.

– Victory in the Austrian photo competition ‘Trierenberg Super Circuit 2009’, Silver Medal.

– Photo exhibition the Gallery of Arts in Kiev.

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