Evgeniya Pirshina, a photographer that makes you “feel” the spirit of Ballet.

Evgeniya Pirshina is definitely one of the most particular and original  ballet and stage photographers of our time. Her distinctive images put the spectator right into the show, close to the dancers. The lines are clean, the colours are bright and contrasting yet sometimes her “swans” seem to be almost unreal, as if they were taken out of a magical dream.
There are not so many photographers who can bring their own personal style into stage reportage and Evgeniya is one of them. Without loosing the mood of a performance she knows how to help us see it from a different point of view.
Evgeniya always chooses unusual angles and unexpected moments to make her pictures. She creates this exciting mysterious atmosphere  and reminds us that ballet is and will always remain a miracle.
Thanks to the art of Evgeniya we can take a look behind the curtains, step onto the stage or even soar above it. We can actually “feel” the spirit of  the performance. Without doubt Evgeniya Pirshina creates very emotional, passionate and powerful images that can awake anybody’s interest to the art of ballet.
Giulia Kascina, Anna Pavlova Network
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