Yulia Lazarevskaya

About artist:

Julia Lazarevska, Artist, sculptor, sound engineer, screenwriter, director.

Member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine

Born July 6, 1945 in Kiev.

1967- graduated from the Faculty of Music and Pedagogy in Kiev.

As a sculptor and artist she has been participating in exhibitions since 1987. Author of conceptual art projects involving painting, graphics, ceramic sculptures and videos.

Exhibitions and projects:

2015- “Charades”;

“Looking into the Past”;

2011-“Homo Ludens”;


2009- “Girls (Richelieu)”;

2008- “Night”;

2007-“On Your Own Wave”;

2004- “Contemplations of Margo”;

2002- “Without Pathos” (collaboration with Mykola Mandrych);

2000-2001- “Ab Ovo” (collaboration with Mykola Mandrych);

1998- “Meandr”;

1996-“ Paranoiya of Ark”;

1995- “Second Half or Hello Tonet”;

-“Substance of Flight”.

The writer of the movie “Pysanky” (1989), writer and director of the movie “Gold of the Skifs” (1990), “George Narbut. Live Pictures” (1993), “ Second Half” ( 1995), “ Analogie of Excess” (1997), “Meandr” (1998), “ Sonet # 29” (2000), “Kinder- Surprise” (2001), “ Without the Paphos” (2002), “ Brothers Narbut” (2003), “ Songs of the Heart” (2004-2005, documentary), “ The Run” (2007), “ The Yakutovychs” (2008), “ I. Shamo. Postludia” (2014), “Common Comfort” (2016).

In 2000 she received an award “Golden Peretyn” Fifth International art- festival in nomination “artist of the year”

2015 She became a laureate of art award “Kyiv” by I. Mykolaichuk.

2019- Self- Portrait with a Bouquet

Self- Portrait with a Bouquet is the project that represent 55 paintings created by 31 artists.