Vasyl Kadar



Artist’s Statement:

My art is my biggest pleasure and my heaviest burden. My incentive, my rhythm, my chamber cosiness.
My art is my quintessential liberty, my way to Eden.
My art is my realism

About artist:

Vasyl Kadar is the representative of the young generation of Transcarpathian school of painting which is defined by the synthesis of folk traditions’ transformations, particular color culture, and associativity of figurative thinking. The artist remains faithful to canonic concept of art as an exceptional means of expression where color and light are the fundamentals which assist to recreate the individual experience from the space and the surrounding world perception.

Vasil’s first steps in the art are connected with mastering the art metal plasticity. The study in Transcarpathian Art Academy is the period of prolong searches of ‘myself’ in the materials and a sort of ‘divarication’ as far as the desire to represent the world by means of color dominated the plastic ‘exercises’. Fortunately, the creative hesitation was not too long. Professionally qualified artist dove into a diverse art world without any doubts and with a craving for broadening the unlimited possibilities of the color. 

Painter’s color talent became apparent from the very early experiments. His picturesque variations are always so breathing and magnetic colors. The sensual ‘hot’ art includes both the Ukrainian Baroque traits with its traditional form contrasts and Mannerism with its hyperbolized plasticity or Expressionism with its emotional form transformation and the sense of color vibrations. Usually, the author works with few colors which he effectively dissolves each in the other reaching the nuance sonority and subtle shades. In general, Vasil creates series which resemble a pictorial suite where he strives for the original joy in the initial color perception. 

Vasil Kadar works are not pure abstraction. They are rather impressions or reflections of the surrounding world, nature, acquired experience, all of which transform into the marks of feelings and their material and plastic traces on the canvas. The pulsation of contrast, the change of cold and hot combinations, the movement in the range from specific to abstract; these all are the intuitive and cognisable painter’s variations on the natural metamorphoses. 

With daily growing knowledge, it becomes clear that the principal painting is yet to come. In fact, it is a meta painting that is made alone with your own thoughts, focusing on the inner self and trusting the imagination power. And a steady anxiety on the way to determine the being… 

Oksana Havrosh, Ph in Fine Art, Art critic  


2013 to Present – Regional Annual  Exhibition dedicated to Painter day, Uzhhorod

2015 – “Autumn salon’ project”, Ilko Gallery, Uzhhorod

2016 – “Arkhip Kuindzhi Memorial”, Mariupol

2016 – Ukrainian Art Project ‘Lights Spectacle’, Kiev

2015, 2016, 2017 -‘Process’ project, Ilko Gallery, Uzhhorod

2018 – “Farewell to the word!”, Exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian Art, ‘Owl’s Nest’ Cultural Historic Center, Uzhhorod

 2018 – “Intro” – ‘Carpathian Iconostasis’ Project, Museum of Kiev History, Kiev

2019 – “Intro” – ‘Carpathian Iconostasis’ Project, Ilko Gallery, Uzhhorod


Art College named by Adalbert Erdeli / Bachelor

Artistic Metal Working faculty / 2008 – 2012.

Uzhhorod Transcarpathian Art Institute / Master Degree
Artistic Metal Working faculty / 2012 – 2015. Uzhhorod

From 2014 – Member of  The Youth Association of Transcarpathian Nation Artists Union of Ukraine

To purchase paintings in the USA contact us by email:

To purchase paintings in the USA contact us by email: