The Art of Inspiration

Contemporary art and photography of the group of artists – Artem Mirolevich, Alevtina Ignatyeva, Lidia Chepovetsky, Vladimir Andreyev, Aleks Kontr, Alexandr Rees, Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy.

83 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013
September 25 – October 2, 2016

Opening Reception: Tusday, September 27, 7-9 pm

Moderated by Vladimir Andreyev

New York, NY (September 27, 2016) – The artists have the group exhibition “The Art of Inspiration”. They will present the contemporary art works for the last years. Along with the exhibition we will introduces the latest catalogues, published by Andreyev’s Production, Inc.: the catalogue of Robert Rothchild collection, the catalogue of “The Art of Inspiration”, the catalogue of Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy paintings, drawings and English translation of author.

Arthur Rimbaud, 1854-1891, the French poet, provided the ammunition for an artistic and philosophical rebellion, when he said that Beauty had sat upon his lap and he grew tired of her. The Beauty that Rimbaud is referring to is the classical, traditional, Academic, 2500-year-old, concept of Beauty that was prevalent in Art and Civilization throughout the history of the Western World. Rimbaud’s statement (and others similar in philosophy to it) encouraged artists to explore new ideas of Beauty, often employing different systems of aesthetics over the next 140 years. Influential movements such as Cubism, Dadaism, Expressionism, Non-Objective Art, Action Painting-Abstract Expression, Performance Art, Earth Art, many Installations at Art Exhibits, and Technological Art Exhibitions eroded the traditional elements of Classical Art in varying degrees and significances. Certainly many other movements over this time period were based on traditional artistic values and the age-worn, time-enduring image of Beauty. However, many artists feel that there is too little of the old values displayed in some of today’s Art Exhibitions. I am stating this factually and not debating whether there is a “right/wrong” or “good/bad” context to this consideration.

However, these seven artists, who are on display at the Salomon Arts Gallery at 83 Leonard Street in New York City, whom I shall refer to as The Art of Inspiration Brotherhood, have as their common denominator a belief in the plastic values of representational art. Spatiality, representational form, color whether naturalistic or expressionistic, modeling of forms and shapes with chiaroscuro to create volume and  a three-dimensionality of depth, perspective and various compositional elements all are utilized by these seven artists to create the traditional, yet elegantly exquisite, time-tested vision of Beauty. Beauty comes in thousands of forms, shapes and sizes, but each artist in this “Brotherhood” employs classic techniques to achieve his or her own concept of Beauty.

The artists in this Art of Inspiration Brotherhood are all passionate about their art. They are compelled to paint, write poetry, make pastels, take photographs, sketch or even create books and catalogues because they are driven by their desire to create and their love of art. They seek beauty in their images and proudly share them with the rest of the world. These artists are all extremely happy when they are creating their beautiful images. They want the viewers to explore, enjoy and react to their colors and content. Their art does not torment them, but rather it energizes, comforts, fulfills and completes them.


Vladimir Andreyev – publisher, designer, photographer and art collector. He was born in Sychevka, Russia, and spent more than 20 years in the Show Business industry as actor and producer. After 30 years of living in Moscow Vladimir moved to New York with his family. He graduated from FIT with a degree in Advertisements Design. In 2005 Vladimir put together the team of artists and photographers – “Art of Inspirations”, the organization united over 120 people worldwide. The group “Art of Inspiration” is an international collaboration among the artists and photographers from Russia and America.

Artem Mirolevich was born in Russia and his family moved to the States in 1993. Soon enrolled in the School of the Visual Art, in New York, and was granted a scholarship from the Department of Illustration. In 1999 graduated with a bachelor’s in Fine Art and Illustration. His paintings, drawings, and collages created with the juxtaposition of various mediums and the means of his artistic expression. Artem created a new world within each frame. His paintings are depictions of ancient civilizations, philosophy, present society, and also what he envisions for the future.

Lidia Chepovetsky was born in Kiev (Ukraine) and with family moved to the States in 1988. She has a Master’s degree as a designer mechanical engineer and has worked for numerous industrial companies in the US. After a few years of studies in Rudy DePaoli’s Art Studio has started to take classes at the Art Students League of NY.  In her paintings she is trying to utilize natural, radiant light of everything that surrounds her life with love for nature and people.

Alexander Rees was born in Moscow (Russia). He was educated at the Gnesin Institute and received his Doctorate degree and embarked on a music career. Dr. Rees became a professor of viola and chamber music at the same institute, and performers in major orchestras all over the world. In 1993 moved to USA and settled in NY continuing his career as a solo and chamber musician as well as an orchestra player. During the many years he produced the large series of landscapes, sketches and paintings of the great cities. In 2003 he published the book “Moscow-New York-Moscow”, which was very successful at the International Exhibition of Non-Fiction Books in Moscow.

Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy was born in Kiev (Ukraine). He has spent the past 22 years working in the information technology field in New York and New Jersey. His inspiration to paint and to write has been continuously driven by his passion and love for art history and literature. He believes that recognizing Beauty enriches our lives and that helping others see that Beauty is a privilege that the artist is blessed with. Aleksandr Vishnevetskiy follows the traditions of Expressionism in his art by depicting representational objects in unconventional ways and utilizing colors, shapes and compositions in an exaggerated intense manner in order to emphasize the emotional qualities of the images.

Alevtina Ignatyeva was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She received her degree from the Saint Petersburg College. Alevtina has been in the USA since 1978. She is currently employed as a Chief Engineer for the Bridge and Tunnel Commission. Alevtina is a painter and a designer. She participated in over 40 shows in New York and New Jersey. Two solo exhibitions: one in The Fleet Bank, Jersey City in April, 2000 and the other, “The Artistic Mosaic Show” in the City Hall Rotunda Gallery of Jersey City in January, 2002. Alevtina has participated five times in the Cathedral Arts Exhibition Festival. She is an active member of the Artist Club at the Upstairs Gallery in Hudson County, New Jersey. She received three awards when she exhibited at the 49th, 50th and 52nd Annual Regional Art Exhibits at the Public Library Gallery in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Aleks Kontr is originally from Vladivostok which is the Capital of Far Eastern Russia. He was studying Japanese philosophy and literature at the Government University, when he was granted the right to attend the arts course at the Institute of Art in the Russian Far East. When he arrived in the U.S.A., Aleks began a series of paintings called “Fusion In Style.” Kontr’s paintings fascinate the viewer with clearly drawn, provocative, witty and mysterious images which inhabit the Surrealistic world. His pictures challenge the spectator to enter their mysteries, often inspiring the viewer to exercise lateral thinking to work on his thematic puzzles. Kontr’s paintings display his clever, often erotic, perception of the Beauty of modern men and women.