Artist words:

“One September 2016 you make an exhibition in Odesa Fine Art Museum, whereupon you come to the sea. And suddenly not the sea, but the strip of salt ground becomes your picturesque inspiration for the whole year. This thin strip is the universe of color perceiving tactically. And then you look for the way to find this color the same tactically on the canvas all the time. All at once you see the green on the Kolomyia’s tiles flowed out against the will of a master and that’s it! It is not fall within that strip of salt ground, which impressed you, but exactly this green becomes the counterpoint of the universe that you recognize in it and try to reproduce on the canvas. And the all new revelations (Venice, where you are plunged in the other’s artists structures, Berlin, where you look at the world through the eyes of youth finding themselves in art, trying new oils promoted by your kids) propel you to the new search. You change yourself so that you need another interplays on the canvas, another coordination and color, line, transparency and facture constructions. But there is something cognized in that strip between the sea and continent that holds you. You search for it on the canvas: in color, facture transparency and density. And when you find, you understand: that is mine. That is mine sense of the universe. Now and here. The titles comes later. They can be another. They are just the assistance of the attempt to set up the contact. You can neglect it, if you can see, get an impulse, find something yours, feel the touch.”       – Petro BEVZA