Olga Dmytrenko

Artist’s Statement:

“To me, art is a human experience projected on different forms that affect our sensory system such as visual, sound, touch, taste and smell. Through our senses we communicate with the world. Thus, I believe, the art is a messenger of everything that occur around us physically or emotionally transferred via the mind of the creator, artist. The message is accepted by another mind through the sensory system. If there is a resonance, it causes an emotional response, which can be positive or negative, depending on the complex neuroprocesses. Following this my definition, I focus on the creating emotional resonance by inviting visual senses of a viewer.”


Olga Dmytrenko was born and raised in Ukraine. Her love of the visual arts and science was cultivated at a young age by her father-artist and mother-mathematician. She is a graduate from Kiev State University where she majored in Physics in 1986. In 1990 she gained a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry. She is an acrylic and oil abstract painter and also computational chemist at the University of Delaware. Her paintings are often reminiscent of industrial landscapes or musical mindscapes with the organic motif reflecting both representational and experimental ideas of “landscape”. Some of her works are devoted to the human rights and fairness issues. In 2009, her painting “Red Pharaoh” was selected to be permanently exposed by SPAZO-TEMPO museum after  “Human Rights?” International art exhibition in Caserta, Italy curated by Roberto Ronca. Also, her works have been selected for “The 2009 Traveling Immigrants Art Exhibit” juried group show and exhibited at several locations in NY and NJ. Olga has exhibited her work regionally and internationally since 2005. She had her biggest solo exhibition “Abstravaganza” at Lorelton, Wilmington, DE, in December 2012, where she hung over 70 works created by her in period of 2003-2012. Olga also held her solo exhibit at the Mezzanine Gallery in 2012, and has been featured in juried exhibitions as the “Possibilities of a Pause” at Delaware Art Museum (2009), “Small Works 2009 Exhibit” at Richeson School of Art & Gallery, Kimberly, WI, USA, and the 2nd Summer Art & Music Festival, Ico Art and Music Gallery Gallery in New York (2008). Although she is not a full time artist, her work has gained recognition such as Gold prize at the 8th Annual Grand Prix Inter-Art Museum 2006 web-competition and special prize at the Ambassadors’ Art Prize-Prix des Ambassadors 2005 (Belgium). Olga is a member and representative in the USA for the International group of six artists, 3rd Paradigm. With them, she had over ten exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Czech and Austria. One of these shows, at Rearte Gallery, Vienna, Austria – “Private Spheres” International Abstract Art Exhibition was initiated and coordinated by Olga (see preview here).


2009 “Red Pharaoh”(acrylic on canvas, 61×45 cm) is in  SPAZO-TEMPO   collection, Italy.

2007 “The Best of 123Soho 2007 Art Show”

2006 8th Annual Grand Prix Inter-Art Museum 2006 – Gold Prize.

2006  Featured Artist for August – The Fine Art Originals.

2005  Ambassadors’ Art Prize-Prix des Ambassadors 2005 -Special Prize.

EDUCATION       Ph.D. UNAS, Kiev, Ukraine 1990; M.Sc. Honors. (Physics) Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine, 1986.


“CONFESSION OF THE DEVIL”  (music – Alisher Latif-Zade, paintings – Olga Dmytrenko. NYC, 2015)

“CLOUDS” Atmospheric abstract paintings by Olga Dmytrenko.
Piano music – Rachmaninoff – Variations on a Theme by Corelli, by Anna Dmytrenko 2010.