Marina Kalinovsky

Artist about herself: 

I was born in the former Soviet Union, raised and received art education in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad).

Since 1989 I live in New York.

My father, a historian, was responsible for the restoration of a museum of archeology and history in a small Russian town that had been destroyed during World War II.

The museum was our second home. This half-ruined enchanted place with Greek amphorae and medieval armor at hand probably still inspires images in many of my paintings and drawings.

The images come from the past, from longing and memories, but they are always provoked by combination of colors or the beauty of a gesture. There is hidden magic in everyday life.  As each image has  reflections, one can peel them endlessly, layer by layer.

During my college years my biggest influence and inspiration was Ludmila Kutsenko, a wonderful artist, and a very demanding teacher. Her credo was honesty and devotion to Art, no matter the circumstances.

Talented and extremely devoted to art people whom I was lucky to meet in my life, (including my husband) were, probably, the best  inspiration for me.


2011 St. Thomas Aquinas College, NY

2006 Central Public Library, NY
2006 Over the Summit Gallery, Bluefield, WV
2002 Penn State University, Altoona, PA
2001 ETS Corporation, Conant Hall Lounge Gallery Princeton, NJ
2001 Klein Art Gallery Chivitanova Marche, Italy
2000 Russian Renaissance Gallery Woodstock, VT
1998 Susan Berke Fine Arts New York, NY
1998 Chapman Gallery, NY
1996 Wellesley Art Gallery Wellesley, MA
1995 Fedulov Gallery Philadelphia, PA
1994 United Nations New York, NY
1992 Community Center of Greater Minneapolis, MN
1991 Wellesley Art Gallery Wellesley, MA


GR Art Gallery, Stamford, CT. Pen and Brush, New York, NY. Knickerbocker Gallery New York, NY. DeLann Gallery Princeton, NJ.
Eighth Floor Gallery, SoHo New York, NY, Artexpo New York,

Paintings have been sold to numerous private collections throughout the United States and Europe.   A painting Pomegranate was featured on the cover of the periodic publication  Frontiers, November 3, 2016.  An image of the painting  A Boy in a Sailor Suit was purchased by an English Rock Group The Strawbs for the cover of the albom.

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