Lidia Mikhaylova




Born and raised in Russia, Siberia, Lidia spent most of her life working in a corporate world as a lawyer. After more than 15 years of a successful career in Moscow, she moved to Riga, Latvia in a search of new ways to fulfill her dreams. That’s where Lidia became inspired by the colorful imagery of her surrounding, and finally and completely fell in love with painting.

Making art is Lidia’s main occupation and a passion these days.

Even though she hasn’t realized herself as an artist until my late 30-es, Lidia always loved making art as a child. Exploring artistic path as an adult, she spent few years working privately with a young talented teacher Anna Fedornko in Art Studio Picasso, Moscow.  Lidia’s continued her formal education at the Art Academy of Latvia later on, and she keeps improving and expanding her skills by taking private lessons and master classes all over the world.

Word from Artist:

«I enjoy expressing the world around me through my paintings, and I loveputting the reality of everyday life on canvas using colors and shapes. The purpose of my art is not creating an easy to sellproduct, but inspiring people to see the hidden beauty in simple things around us.

I’ve been asked why I call my project SimpleArtForms…

I think too often we keep waiting for miracles, or something special, while forgetting to look at what is right in front of us. There is a lot of beauty in an everyday life! Simple, yet delightful forms can be found everywhere – your surroundings, the nature… In order to see this beauty, you just need to pause and look around. And maybe start contemplating the question: what really brings the richness to my life…?
Simple Forms – it is about contemplating Beauty.
SimpleArtForms – they are always stylish, always elegant, simply perfect.

The fall of 2019 has been one of the happiest and most fulfilling falls in my life. My art had an opportunity to travel across the ocean, and to be seen by the eyes of distinguished American viewers. “My Sweet Fall” series is about enjoying the change, as well as anticipating the transformation. Playful, full of flavors, with an overtone of nostalgia, it’s like falling in love with someone new, and knowing your life is about to change.»


Expected in December 2019 – Cotemporary Art Exhibition «Play Your Part», New York, NY, USA (Group)

November 2019 – «Into the Art», The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
November 2019 – A5 Portfolio #32 (Group)
November 2019 – A5 Magazine Average Art #40 (Group)
November 2019 – Club Live Stars  «In my mind», Moscow, Russia (Group)
August 2019 – A5 Magazine Average Art #37 (Group)
June 2019 – A5 Magazine Average Art #35 (Group)
June 2019 – «ArtNight», Exhibition for Amateur Artists, Daugavpils, Latvia (Group)
June 2019 – International Art Festival «Colors Of Armenia», Yerevan, Armenia (Group)
May 2019 – A5 Portfolio #26 (Group)
May 2017 – Art Studio Picasso, Moscow, Russia (Group)


Contemporary Art, Expressionism / First place/ «ArtNight», Exhibition for Amateur Artists, Daugavpils, Latvia 

Classical still life / Second place / «ArtNight», Exhibition for Amateur Artists, Daugavpils, Latvia 


International Art Alliance, joined 2019