Grigory Gurevich



Grigory   Gurevich,   sculptor,   painter,   graphic   artist,   printmaker,   and   inventor has   had   more   than   400   exhibitions   in   the   United   States   and   Europe   and conducted   hundreds   of   sculpture   workshops   in   Italy,   Denmark,   and   U.S.
At   15,   his   painting   “Grandmother”   was   selected   for   the   exhibition   of professional   painters   in   Manege,   Moscow
He   had   studied   art   in   prestigious   Academy   of   Fine   and   Industrial   Arts   in Leningrad,   Russia.
His   paintings,   drawings   and   sculptures   have   won   numerous   awards   and   are in   public   and   private   collections   in   the   United   States,   Russia,   Denmark, Germany,   Croatia,   Slovakia,   Switzerland   and   France.
He   received   a   Masters   Degree   in   Art   from   Academy   of   Fine   and   Industrial Arts   in   Leningrad   (Sankt   Peterburg),   Russia   and   was   a   professor   at   St.   Johns University,   N.Y.   and   faculty   member   of   Newark   School   of   Fine
and   Industrial   Arts.
His   bronze   tableau   of   seven   life–size   figures   entitled   “The   Commuters”, sculpted   in   1985,   is   permanently   installed   in   Newark   Penn   Station.
His   book   “Reflections”   features   17   linocuts,   etchings   and  mixed   media   prints   has   been   included   in   the   print   collection   Hermitage Museum   in   Leningrad,   Russia,   New   York   Public   Library   New   York,   USA, Newark   Public   Library,   as   well   as   the   Rare   Book   collection   of   Library   of   Saint Bonaventure   University.
In   April   1995   Mr.   Gurevich   was   granted   a   patent   on   a   new   type   of manifolding   book,   one   of   which   “Numbers   1-10,   10-1”   is   in   the   collection   at the   Brooklyn   Museum   and   library   at   Columbia   University   of   Chicago   as   well as   in   private   collections   of   famous   personalities   such   as   Marcel   Marceau   in France,   A.   Raikin   in   Russia.
In   March   2016,   his   sculpture   |CLOWN”   was   exhibited   in   Russian   State Museum   in   Peterburg,   Russia   as   a   part   of   “Circus”   exhibition.
His   4   art   books   are   now   in   the   collection   of   Library   of   Metropolitan   Museum of   Art   in   New   York,   USA   since   June   2016.
In   2004   his   pen   and   ink   drawing   “The   Tree”   had   been   accepted   as   a temporary   loan   to   the   Gallery   of   Geraldine   R.   Dodge   Foundation.
His   watercolors   and   drawing   were   exhibited   in   Museum   of   Savitsky   in   Penza, Russia   in   2008   and   2010,   MORA,   New   York   and   WAH      Center   in   2014.
Mr.   Gurevich   created   concept   on   pencil   Drawing   technique   and   concept   on sculpture   of   Human   Head   and   had   more   than   300   workshops   and demonstrations   on   this   subject   in   the   United   States,   Russia,   Denmark   and Italy.
His   work   was   published   in   such   publications   as   “The   New   York   Times”,   “Who is   Who   in   American   Arts”,   “Manhattan   Arts   Review”,   “Encyclopedia   of American   Artists”,   “American   Artists   Magazine”   and   many   other   leading   art magazines   and   newspapers   around   the   world.