Artist Statement: 

The inspiration for my work comes from the environment that surrounds me. In depicting the landscape I aim to conduct emotional response to the world through the language of color. I believe that painting manifests our existential experience and is our way to connect to others through the communicative means of art. I think that art is the deepest and truthful way of connection. Living surrounded by nature, I spend a lot of time observing and contemplating its silent and profound beauty. It feels that while we are contemplating the beauty of the nature it contemplates us as well. It is a silent observation of one another. 

“Armine Bozhko works on the crossroads of different cultures- she was born in Ukrainian-Armenian family of writers and diplomats, studied in Republican art school by Taras Shevchenko, graduated Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts, taught art at Armenian Institute of Art, and practiced art at Krakow Academy of Art. Her works are in multiple private collections of Italy, Norway, Canada, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and USA. The last twelve years Armine has lived and works in the United States and currently resides in New York. Her works captivate by its spacious proportions and create the experience of the novels in color. “Color for me – it is a language in which I communicate to the world, – Says Armine, – That is why I attach such a great importance to it. Color for me is the concept of artistic work and self-expression, emotional response to the world.” (Nova Gazeta, 2019)


Armine works on the crossroads of different cultures.  Being an American artist of Ukrainian-Armenian descent, she was born in Ukraine and currently resides in Long Island, New York. Armine studied art since her childhood at the Republican Art School by Taras Shevchenko in Kiev, graduated with honors and earned her Master’s Degree from the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, worked at the Armenian Institute of Art, and practiced art at the Krakow Academy of Art. She was accepted as a member of the Ukrainian and Armenian Artists Unions. Armine received an award from the Armenian Ministry of Culture “One Culture One Nation” and became the winner of the “Solo” Award at the Art Expo New York 2019. She is the initiator and one of the creators of UAA (Ukrainian Artists Association). Armine’s works are in multiple private collections in USA, Ukraine, Canada, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Norway, and Italy.