Alina Haieva



About Artist

Alina Haieva – artist, illustrator, tatoo master from the city of Dnipro (currently lives in Kiev). Alina is cofounder  and partially owns the the brand of capsular wear “GA.EVA” . She oversees  the project “Ukraine EXISTS” – the project of trustworthy documentaries about the Donbass conflict and popularization of new ukrainian art abroad (USA, Canada )

 Born on 2 November 1986 . Graduated at Pridneprovsk National Academy of construction and architecture  in 2010. 

At her early years  Alina has spoken mostly the language of expressionism, hence recently she moves more towards the local art with very authentic expression.  One can see the mix of the graphics and paintings in her style, which makes her art more emotional, There is some tension in her paintings  which brings more dynamics and audacity.

 Her paintings are represented in various private  collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy.


2018 – art project «Lera Litvinova Gallery», Kyiv

2017 – «About/ After”, D12, Kyiv;

2017 – «Ukrainian impressionism», Ukrainian cultural center, Paris, France ;

2016 – «Slavery», Dnipro, Odessa, Kyiv, Ternopil;

2016 – «150-years Kaunas Theological Seminary», Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 – curator and participant of the project “Ukraine EXISTS”,

UN Headquarters, New York, USA, Ukrainian

Museum in Chicago, US, UACC in Whippany, New Jersey,

US Institute of St. Vladimir, Toronto (Canada);

2015 – “InterACTION”, gallery LNAM, Lviv, Ukraine

2015 – “Sin Mascaras”, gallery “Yellow giants”, Odesa;

2015 – «Book Arsenal -2015», Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine 

2015 –  The Exhibition “cheLOVEki”, The Centre of Modern Art, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2014 – «Art Injection: Feast in Time of Plague», Donetsk, Ukraine

2014 – EVARTSPASE Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland 

Alina takes part in various international  painters “en plein air ”

2017 – «Ukrainian impressionism», Normandy, France;

2016 – «150-years Kaunas Theological Seminary», Kaunas, Lithuania.


2019 – Illustrations “Unmounted”, collection of poetry by Anton Slepakov, publishing house S.T.ART Foundation; 

2018 – design “Voloshka”, collection of poetry by Katerina Voloshina, publishing house Laurus; 2017 – daily Tina Omelchenko (student O.O. Murashka), publishing house Art Huss; 

2017 – “Winds”, collection of poetry by Katerina Voloshina, publishing house Laurus; 

2012 – “Fireworks and Knives”, a collection of poetry by Sergei Zhadan, KSD publishing house.