All Together We will Win!

We invite you to take part in the Charity evening in support of Ukraine
“All Together We will Win!”

On October 28th, from 6:30 to 9:00PM,  at the Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A W 13th St, New York, we will hold an Art marathon.

This time around, we will not ask you for donations. On the contrary, we will provide a rare opportunity to purchase works of art and designer jewelry at deeply discounted prices.

Artists: Mikhail Turovsky, Yelena Lezhen, Anna Kiper, Miro Duzinkevich, Victoria Lubinska-Felix, Oksana Movchan, Refki Gollopeni,  Elena Iosilevich-Seroff, Olga BoronetcGrigory Gurevich, Anna Ravliuc-Bloomfield, Marina Kashirskaya, Alexander Rees, Evgeniy Klimenko, Kira Koktysh , Irina Rodnikoff, Olga Dmytrenko, Teodor Severin , Yevgen Grygoryev, Yuliya Halan, Tatyana Borodina, Olga Potievskaya, Sasha K Odesa, Nata Rasp and Gallery Margo (Margo Grant);

Photographers: Zina Zinchik, Evelyn Portnaya, Misha Mazel;

Jewelry Designers: Kira Koktysh, Leo Genkin , Natasha Lezhen, Elena Iosilevich-Seroff, Vladimir Deming.

Expect vocal and piano concert by Spotlight Artists Management and Production, a silent auction and refreshments.

In addition to the Ukrainian composers Olena Protopopova, Mikhailo Zherbin, Oleksandr Rodin, Vyacheslav Samofalov, Volodymyr Ptushkin you will hear pieces by Franz Liszt, Vincenzo Bellini and Giuseppe Verdi.

Piano: Alexander Chaplinskiy, Stanislav Serebriannikov 

Vocal: Galina Ivannikova, Zoya Gramagin

We will donate 100% of the proceeds to the humanitarian aid project, A Bowl of Hope, that purchases and delivers special foods to children in Ukraine who are diagnosed with developmental and chronic disorders, as well as winter clothes for their defenders. 

Art Marathon attracted artists and jewelers from Canada and U.S.A., as well as from Ukraine, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. Participants are high-level professionals who successfully demonstrate and sell their work at the prestigious art shows around the world. They selflessly donated their works for our charity auction. 

Our charity evening is designed not only to raise money to help Ukraine, but also to unite around the beautiful cause and to support the spirit of victory. By helping Ukraine, we oppose evil, discrimination, cruelty and nuclear blackmail on a global scale.

At the October 28th auction, there will be significantly more artworks on display than we can show you in this publication.

Pre-Auction Exhibition

Pre-Auction Exhibition

Pre-Auction Exhibition


Vladimir Deming

Natasha Lezhen

Elena Iosilevich-Seroff