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David Sharashidze

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Artist’s Statement:

«I am often asked where I draw my inspiration, real people and cities in my works. I’m not a realist, I’m rather a dreamer and poet, and, what is difficult not to notice, Georgian. We are a very cheerful and buoyant nation that is able to enjoy every passing minute and share joy and sorrow with a friend. The sun over Tbilisi, joy of young wine, beauty of works by Pirosmani and Gudiashvili, Georgian polyphonic singing — it’s not easy to count all components that give me a huge impetus to create. Having found my style, my voice once, I try stay loyal to it.

Colour is the foundation, the beginning which fills the picture will emotional depth and power. Colour is the language of bright and pure emotions. Laconic line, restrained and contemplative composition — this all gets its true meaning only through colour, intense or restrained, depending on the content.  My credo is to see beauty, enjoy it, and share it.»


Born Georgia 1959
Education Tbilisi State University
Graduated 1986
1993 member of UNESCO.

Solo Exhibitions

S o l o E x h i b i t i o n s
2016 Sharashidze, Paris, Ukranian Pavilion on Euro-2016 ( 27/06-30.07.2016)
2016 Znaki Pogranicza/ Embassy of Poland in Ukraine/ Kyiv
2015 MAISI ( memorial Temo Svireli, David Sharashidze) Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv
2015 PARSUNA, gallery Parsuna, Kyiv
2014 Expromt, Master-Klass, Kyiv
2013 In BLUE,gallery Triptykh Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 FRENCH ROOFS,Sharashidze-Gaidai ( paintings- pfotos) Garna Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 SUMMER-2012, gallery Bizantium, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 Invitation,Camera- gallery of Igor Gaiday, Kyiv , Ukraine 2011 Looking-Glass, Soviart, Kyiv,Ukraine
2010 Roots and Metaphors. David Sharashidze and Temo Svirely, EBRD, London
2010 Sharashidze’s Art. The Church Hall, London
2009 Sharashidze. Gallery Sribni Dzvony, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 Sweet Home. Gallery Triptikh, Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 Temo Svirely. David Sharashydze. Gallery LENIN, Zaporojie, Ukraine
2007 Sakartvelo. Gallery Da Vinci, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 David Sharashidze.Temo Svirely. Gallery Anixis, Baden (Switzerland)
2006 Painting of David Sharashidze. Soviart, Kyiv,Ukraine
2005 Color of Pomegranate. Art-Blues, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 Painting of David Sharashydze. Frutopia, Kyiv,Ukraine
2004 David Sharashidze. Gia Miminoshvili. Art-Blues, Kiev,Ukraine
2003 My British Journey. British Counsel, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 Retrospective. Gallery ” N-Gorod”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 David Sharashidze. Gallery ”Galia”, Bordeauxe, France
2002 From Georgia to Greit Britain. ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 My Favorite Things. House of the Actor, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 Rapsody in Red. ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000 Sharashidze and Faulkner. Leith Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
1999 Fabulous Interior. ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Georgian Wine. ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 Courner of Old Tbilisi. House of the Actor, Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 People and City. House of the Actor, Kyiv, Ukraine
1995 Sharashidze. Honchar Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1993 Art from Georgia.Perpenion, FranceG r o u p E x h i b i t i o n

2015 International art project ‘Genius Loci’
2013 ZNAZKI POGRANICZA,(2012-2013) Rzeszów- Hadle, Poland
2013 DIFFERENT, gallery Bizantium, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 International Art Fair PARALLAX AF (16-18.02 2012) London
2012 ANGEL SPRING FAIR (24-25. 03 2012) London
2011 Art&WOOD, gallery М17, Kyiv,Ukraine
2011 Charity Event for Children of Chornobul,Kyiv
2010 UKranian Trienale of Art, Kyiv-2010,,Kyiv, catalog
2008 Gallery Parsuna, Zaltsburg, Austria
2008 Exhibition of Georgian Artists, The Sea Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2007 The Fourth Festival of Art, Salt Simpfony, Soledar, Ukraine
2006 ”Kyiv-Kharkov-Kyiv”,Municipal Gallery of Kharcov,Ukraine
2006 Charity Auction, Arena-Entertainment,Kyiv,Ukraine
2005 Orange-Sguare.Train of Friendship. Art-Blues, Kyiv,Ukraine.
2005 Exhibition of Georgian Artists, galleryArt-Blues, Ukraine
2005 Twelve Chairs. Art-Blues, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 The AmericanChamber of Commerce’s,Charity Event
2004 “Barrier” Exhibition/Action.Prague.Czech Republic
2004 “Children of Chornobyl Ralief Fund” Charity Auction
2004 “Simphony in Salt”, Art-Festival,Soledar
2003 Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 ”Barrier” Exhibition/Action. Prague. Czech Republic
2002 Georgian Table. Gallery ” Anixis”, Baden, Switzerland
2002 Georgian Artists. British Counsel, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 Georgian Artists and Theirs Friends. ARTEast, Kyiv
2001 ANANAS-Bilder and Zeichunden. Eunwelt, Magdeburg, Germany
2000 “Barrier”. Exhibition-Action, Prague, Czech Republic
2000 The 5 International ART-Festival, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 Exhibition of Georgian Artist,ARTEast, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 The 3 International ART-Festival. Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Folk Painting. Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
1994 Reflection. Broumfield Gallery, Boston, USA
1993 Independent Georgia. Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
1993 My City. Rolett- de-Mar, Barselona, Spain
1992 Fall Exhibition. Central House of the Artists, Moscow, Russia

Artist’s words: 

«My paintings are decorative; they are the entertainment to my eyes and celebra­tion to my soul. When I paint I do not doubt that the woman on the canvas is reading a Georgian book, that the wine in the glass is Kindzmarayli, that the houses are at the bot­tom of St. David Mountain in Tbilisi. If colour is my element then the process of composi­tion is my ground for meditation. I am inter­ested in icon painting but Pirosmanishvili and Mattisse’s works show me the way forward. I paint only when I see a picture mentally in all its details. Sometimes it takes me a long time to realise the image especially when it is a new idea or a new theme. When the image is ready in my mind, it is like a ripe apple; I come to my studio, arrange my surroundings and put this experi­ence on the canvas in pleasurable and simple actions. When the composition is finished and colour has been applied, the final stage of the painting begins; to make the painting independent and exclusive. This is the most intense and difficult moment – to create the painting as it exists in my imagination. I am inspired by the beauty of trivial things: every day routine, a cup of coffee in the morning, a woman reading a book, vegetables on the table, a glass of red wine poured by a friend, buildings and cities.»

Pictures available for sale.
Contact artist by e-mail: sharashidze@ukr.net

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