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International Art Alliance

International Art Alliance aims to assist its members in the promotion of their works on the international market, finding and establishing new contacts and creating social and professional relationships. The Alliance offers its help in providing effective informational, creative, promotional and technical support.

International Art Alliance brings together talented, dynamic, active, creative and ambitious people seeking professional support on their path to success and prosperity.

Elegant New York Magazine has created International Art Alliance and shares its resources and capabilities with the Alliance members to help them effectively promote their works and draw the attention of potential buyers, investors and supporters, including art collectors and dealers, galleries, museums, and curators.

The strategy developed by International Art Alliance to promote its members on the international art market is convenient and highly beneficial for them. It significantly reduces their out-of-pocket costs for PR campaigns and exhibitions and provides unique opportunities without limiting their creative freedom.

Art Alliance’s highly qualified experts help its members run PR campaigns, organize exhibitions, presentations, concerts, seminars, and auctions. In too years of its existence, such model has already proven to be extremely efficient: International Art Alliance organized 30 major events involving 47 of its members. 33 of them took part in art, photography and jewelry exhibits, and there were solo events and concerts held for the 10. Art Alliance members sold more than 68 works, signed several contracts, found business partners, and received multiple offers and invitations to new exhibitions and projects. Thanks to the Art Alliance PR specialists, more than 35 interviews with Art Alliance members and 26 professional reviews were published in the press. Numerous announcements, advertisements, books, poetry collections, and albums were prepared for publication.

International Art Alliance provides the following services:

  • For each member, a personal page on the International Art Alliance website is created that contains a short bio and a list of exhibitions, publications, presentations and reviews, links to the print, TV and radio interviews, 10-20 photographs of works and a link to the member’s own website. The purpose of this page is to consolidate all relevant information in one place for the convenience of potential clients and the press. Click here to see an example
  • Announcements and advertising of current and upcoming events, including exhibitions, presentations, concerts, publications, etc. Click here to see an example

In addition, Art Alliance members get the following opportunities on the Elegant New York online magazine platform:

  • An interview or a professional art critic’s review published in ENY.
  • Publication of an announcement and banner of the member’s upcoming event on the main page of ENY.
Elegant New York has proven to be an effective platform for promotional campaigns of Art Alliance members. It is a popular international online magazine with a half a million reader base spread over 20 countries. In the course of almost 5 years of its existence, the magazine has established strong professional and social relationships with individuals and organizations in numerous fields. We cooperate with many art critics, curators, galleries, charities, journalists, educational and cultural centers in the US as well as many other countries.

To join International Art Alliance, a minimal one-time admission fee is required.
If you’re interested in further details, please send your short professional bio, a few samples of your work and your website to tborodina@gmail.com